Re: [Banshee-List] Plugin Development

Thanks, that got me on the right track.  I found
src/Extensions/Banshee.Bpm/Banshee.Bpm/BpmService.cs easier to follow once I
understood the general approach.

Next bit I'm having trouble with is getting changes to the preference value
to take effect when they're made.  I've tried assiging a delegate to the
Changed action for the preference, but it doesn't seem to be firing.  So
changing the value requires me to disable and enable the extension for
changes to take effect.  It works, but it's annoying.

gabaug wrote:
> I would look at
> src/Backends/Banshee.GStreamer/Banshee.GStreamer/PlayerEngine.cs in
> the InstallPreferences and UninstallPreferences methods for an example
> of how to add single entries to prefs.

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