Re: [Banshee-List] Plugin Development

That got me going, and my extension is now functional.  Now I'm having
trouble wrapping my head around preferences.  I have a single integer that
needs to be configurable to meet my 1.0 design goals of replacing a python
script.  Right now I'm storing that value in an xml file, which is less than
ideal.  My extension is not a source, but rather a remote control plugin. 
I'd like to add a tab to the preferences dialog (perhaps "Remote Controls")
but don't see any existing extensions that do this.  I'd appreciate guidance
(even if only a shove in the right direction).

Code is still at  The Trunk and
1.0 series are synchronized at the moment.

Bertrand Lorentz wrote:
> The build action for the .addin.xml should be set to "Embed as
> resource".
> After recompiling, you should then copy the .dll to the
> ~/.config/banshee-1/addins/ directory to make it available only for your
> user, or to /usr/lib/banshee-1/Extensions/ to make it available for the
> whole system.
> Those directories are scanned by banshee on start-up, but the .dll need
> to have the .addin.xml included to be detected.

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