Re: [Banshee-List] Plugin Development

On Fri, 2009-12-04 at 23:50 -0800, kristopher_d wrote:
> Monodevelop Installed.
> Banshee Solution opened.
> Extension written and built for Debug.
> How do I test?
> More specifically, I've tried copying my extension's DLL to
> banshee-1/Extensions/ directory in hopes that the Extension manager dialog
> is populated by scanning the Extensions directory.  I can't tell what I'm
> missing, or how to setup the make file to get this to at least show up so I
> have a clue whether I'm on the right path.
> code available at
> What do I need to do to make an extension available in Banshee?

I don't see a makefile, so I guess you're building with MonoDevelop ?

The build action for the .addin.xml should be set to "Embed as
After recompiling, you should then copy the .dll to the
~/.config/banshee-1/addins/ directory to make it available only for your
user, or to /usr/lib/banshee-1/Extensions/ to make it available for the
whole system.
Those directories are scanned by banshee on start-up, but the .dll need
to have the .addin.xml included to be detected.

Bertrand Lorentz <bertrand lorentz gmail com>

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