[Banshee-List] [ipod-sharp] Detected unsupported database version 35 (in `ipod-sharp')

it seems my iPod Shuffle isn't recognized by banshee-1 1.3.1.
The device is an iPod Shuffle ProductRed 2Gb 3rd generation.
banshee-1 says:
    Detected unsupported database version 35 (in `ipod-sharp')

iPod Found [/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/volume_uuid_F443_A172]
  * Generic Device Properties
    - Block Device:       /dev/sdf
    - Mount Point:        /media/ipod
    - Read Only:          False
    - Volume Size:        2 GiB
  * General iPod Properties
    - Serial Number:      4H******3W6
    - Firewire ID:        000A27001C236C15
    - Firmware Version:   1.0.4
    - iPod_Control:       /iPod_Control
    - Extra Capabilities: none
    - Production Info:    2349 in september, 2008 from factory 4H
  * iPod Model Properties
    - Device Class:       shuffle
    - Model information could not be determined
      Try a `podsleuth --update --rescan` or visit
  * Image Types Supported
    - Photos:             False
    - Album Art:          False
    - Chapter Images:     False

Is this information enough to be added to recognized devices? What else
can I do to help?


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