Re: [Banshee-List] Re vamping the Music Library Columns

On Sat, Sep 20, 2008 at 3:52 PM, nulall <nul all gmail com> wrote:
I was going to post this as an enhancement bug, but it's kinda a litany of

If you're up to it, feel free to file a litany of bugs. We'll keep up. :)

More on the specifics below.
Customizable headers
I want to change the titles of some columns, because they are too long. I
know this isn't for everyone, so let people customize them:
"Play Count" --> "Plays"
"Skip Count" --> "Skips"
"Last Played Date" --> "Last Played"
"Track" --> "#"
"Duration" --> "Length" or "Time"
At the least, let me make the column width smaller than the title. Clip the
title, I don't care to read the whole thing.

I'm pretty sure most of these have been fixed in SVN/1.3.
I want to reduce the buffer area on the right of the header (I know it's
there to leave room for a sorting arrow)
What about some different kind of indicator (bold, change text color,
changing column color is already done)?
What about overlaying the arrow onto the text?

I think you're being nitpicky (I mean this lightheartedly :) about the column width. I doubt the developers will want to change it, but it's a general GTK+ design, not one specific to Banshee, so you could check on any GTK+ bugs addressing that.

Location to only display full path if not in "Music Library"
If I have file:///home/neil/Music/ set as my music library, only show me the
file path in terms of subfolders.
If the file isn't in my music library, show me the full path (though I think
the "file://" protocol is unnecessary - I assume it's local unless told

That sounds reasonable, though if you're worried about overall crowding I am curious why you want the Location to be listed in your track listing? (To me that column is almost entirely useless.)
"Last Played/Skipped Date" with logical shortening of dates
I don't need to see what time of day I played a song if it was last month (I
don't need it to the minute if it was last week, and I don't need it to the
second if it was yesterday) and I can assume that it is referring to 2008
unless told otherwise.

Seems reasonable, can you file a bug?

New column headers
Consolidated info - I don't need a separate column for plays and skips; a
play/skip ratio would work fine.  I think that is much more representative
of my listening habits anyways.

Same here.

Keep 'em coming!

Andrew Conkling

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