Re: [Banshee-List] I was thinking last night and....

Andrés G. Aragoneses wrote:
> I'm now thinking the the out-of-sync risk is not only a problem caused 
> by latency, because you may have a video that starts with 0.3s of 
> silence, and your song start with 0.5s. So there should be an algorithm 
> to compare both sound channels and try to sync them, which seems a bit 
> complicated to design, mmmmhh...
In the end you could go as far as doing a tab synchronization or
something even more scientific ;) but why bother with this now? I'd say
let's do babysteps here and get the basics done - and then we finegrain
the whole things. It'll be enough work to get the basics done anyway.

Hyperair wrote:
> I think a link to a Youtube video would be nice, integrated with the
> "Now Playing" section. It was meant for something like this anyway.
We all already got that you don't want this feature ;)

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