Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee 13.2 Duplicate Songs in Library problem

2008/1/25 Dave Lazar <hunkybill gmail com>:
Cleanup plugin definitely does not work with 13.2. I compiled the latest code and I suspect it just not quite right for 13.2. I had many obvious dupes in my library, including files where the directory was non-existant and the plugin never noticed... maybe a quick tweak of the code for that plugin will help it along...

I'm guessing Trey would like to know about that. Not sure, but I'm assuming he's using the issue tracker here?

And is everything duplicated? Or is there a pattern to what is?

It was actually only a small % of the library... it turns out that the only pattern I could attribute this to.. the only files duped in this whole sequence were ones recently imported from the rip/ directory.. so perhaps this was a case of the Import Music failing to detect dupes... and then when I moved the whole library and re-imported it, those failures were responsible...

So the ones in the rip folder were imported a second time?

I also notice that upon starting Banshee, it complains it could not find NetworkManager which is correct, I use Wicd... but I was wondering if that will cause problems with Music Sharing once I can get Avahi to work again....

Hmm... that was a bug that should've been fixed; it should assume that you have a network connection if NM isn't there. Not sure what's going on there; I can't reproduce that.

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