Re: [Banshee-List] Modify seek bar to react to mouse clicks and mouse wheel (#565795)

You are right that this provides an important functionality:  the
ability to fast-forward the song (or rewind) in increments.

But this is better provided by actual fast-forward/reverse buttons.
When people see a clickable progress bar that controls the song, they
consider it incredibly natural (due to conditioning by every other
media program ever, I imagine) for a simple click to take them
immediately to that position.  The default "left-click to
fast-forward" thus feels a little unintuitive as a result.  I actually
didn't know about the middle-click trick; is there a tooltip to
communicate that?

A symptom of trying to cram too much functionality (seeking, and
fast-forward/rewind) in one control.  When I realized that Banshee's
track bar behaved as a progress bar, I thought:  "A seek bar that
doesn't behave like any seek bar I've ever seen.  That's weird."  It
does feel a little strange, no doubt.

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