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On Fri, 2008-12-19 at 15:20 -0800, p-funk1978 wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've been using Banshee for a while and I thought I would get used to the
> Banshee-1 series for a while before I comment on it.
> I love it, however:
> Rating a currently playing song is difficult, especially when in random
> mode. Is it possible to add ratings stars next to the title of the playing
> song at the top of the window or have the browser window automatically
> select the currently playing track or both?

It might be useful to know that you can jump to the playing track by
hitting Ctrl+J

> A downloaded video podcast plays in the main window, but a streaming podcast
> plays in a new window. Closing the new video window also closes Banshee
> which is unexpected and frustrating. Couldn't all video play in the main
> window?

That's a bug, looks similar to

> As far as podcasts go I think some more thought needs to go into how
> podcasts are handled.  I for one treat podcasts as separate from my library
> as my podcasts are disposed of quite frequently and I regard them as
> temporary. I don't want to have to look in my media library for a podcast,
> nor do I expect to as there is a podcast listing in the navigation pane. If
> I do want to save my podcasts I should be able to have a "save to library"
> option when clicking on a downloaded item. Honestly I think that the
> navigation in Miro is something to take from. It's easy to use. I know where
> my downloaded things are, I know where new things are, and I know where to
> go to get new things to download.

I'm not sure I follow you. Podcasts are kept separate from the music
library. The "Rescan" feature adds them to the library, but it's a known

> One of the things that Miro does well, as far as navigation goes, is that
> subscriptions are listed in a nested list. Seeing that Banshee also has a
> nested list one would expect to see a list of subscriptions under the
> Podcast header. instead, podcast subscriptions aren't dealt with at all and
> all podcast items are dealt with in the browser window. Which brings me to
> the usability question of how exactly do I delete a podcast subscription
> anyway? Actually the Radio function of Banshee is a good model to use. The
> Genres list could be podcast subscriptions and the radio stations pane could
> be the podcast items.

I think you should make the browser visible for podcasts : View > Show
You can then unsubscribe from a podcast by right-clicking on it.

> But, I don't want to be all nails in the coffin. I really like how CD
> importing and tagging of songs works. Cover art seems to work 95% of the
> time. The load time is much faster and I think the overall look has been
> cleaned up and is much better looking than Rhythmbox.

Thanks for your feedback !

Bertrand Lorentz <bertrand lorentz gmail com>
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