[Banshee-List] banshee streaming mms

I'm not sure if this is directed correctly but I have a question with
about banshee. Here is my dilema, I have only been using linux for about
2 months now and since day 1 I have been using banshee for all my
multimedia needs. I mostly use it for streaming radio stations which one
that I listen to most recently stopped working. I have 3 computers and
their all set up the same with Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid and they were all
working no problem out of the box with exception of some codecs,
w32codec, gstreamer. as of about 6 days ago the radio station does not
play anymore. I thought it was station but I have windows still on one
computer dual booting and it works in there no problem. I have done
re-install thinking something might of been conflicting. The wesite the
stream comes from is www.wndb.am and it is a mms stream
mms://media.blackcrow.fm/wndb . I have e-mailed the station to ask them
if anything has changed but they say nothing has. not sure though. Just
wondering if you might have an idea of what my problem might be. Thanks
in advance and sorry if I have left out any needed info , as I said I'm
fairly new to linux OS and not sure of exact info that might help.
Thanks !

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