Re: [Banshee-List] How about PASSWORD protected PODCASTS

On Fri, 2008-08-15 at 11:42 +0200, x xvx se wrote:
> Howdy Folks,
> if one is subscribed to a 'members only' podcasts (for example many
> radio stations offer this kind of service), you have to able to enter a
> username and password in order to enable the podcast app (banshee in
> this case) to download the podcast.
> Is this feature not enabled in Banshee or am I just not seeing it? The
> Rhythmbox player and others can do the mentioned above. I would love to
> switch to Banshee but for this reason I can't.

I think this is not implemented and the following bug talks about
something similar :

The bug refers to radio stations, but I guess it all boils down to HTTP


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