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On 7/2/07, Kevin Dupuy <kevindupuy bellsouth net> wrote:
Hi all! I've been using Banshee since last Dec., and I really like it .
However, I have been using GTKpod to sync my iPod because it syncs
videos, and puts podcasts in the Podcasts folder... now the last version
of Banshee I synced an iPod with was helix-Banshee that came in openSUSE
10.2... have updates fixed that issue? I would like very much to use
Banshee to sync my iPod. One less program to install and use... and if
support is not there yet, is anyone working on it or is it in the plans?
Also, by updates, I mean either to Helix-Banshee or to Banshee.. I can
install MP3 support my self.

Video support isn't yet available. I've heard mumblings that the devs
are thinking about it now simply because of the level of request.
Podcast support is better than the .10 versions definitely! However,
it doesn't yet put them in the podcast folder unless I missed an
update somewhere. Mike Urbanski seems to be the lone podcast dev, for
the most part. I've heard he's thinking about a rewrite, but
university takes a lot of his time so don't hold your breath. It will
be a nice improvement when it come though. That I'm sure of. The video
capabiblity is behind some significant interface rewrites. that are
being worked on now. I'm not sure what is between the interface and
video, but that might even be a 0.18 feature or 0.2 or something.

That's my latest news on those requests.


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