Re: [Banshee-List] Distributing a new Plugin

I created a plugin a while back.  I simply put it on Google Code.
Here is where my plugin is hosted.

Just sign up, pick your license, and upload your code.

-- Trey

On 7/3/07, Richard Bailey <rmjb mail com> wrote:
Hello, I'm ready to distribute a plugin I've been working on. I have a
couple questions though, since banshee and it's plugins are written in Mono,
is it necessary to distribute the plugin as a source package that can be
easily built by the user ( i.e. autogen or ./configure then make) or can I
distribute the compiled .dll and the monodevelop solution for banshee
developers to work with?
The reason I'm asking is because autotools are confusing! I'm reading the
autobook ( ) but that will take some time and I'd
like to get my plugin out and people looking at it before a month is over.

- Regards,

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