Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee Plugin creation

That sounds like an awesome idea though! I'd like that plugin a lot! I
could leave Banshee playing all the time! I would definately like to
work on this plugin as well if you want to get svn set up or
something. (I have svn you can use if you need as well).

On 10/3/06, Michael Monreal <infernux web de> wrote:

> What I am working on is a plugin that listens for you locking your desktop
> and automatically pausing your player and when you unlock it automatically
> resume play.

> I am fairly new to C# and especially DBUS-sharp so I am hoping someone will
> point me in the right direction on how to use dbus-sharp to watch for signals
> and possibly some pointers for writing plugins.
Well first you have to realize that banshee uses the new managed dbus. If you
have a look at the examples shipping with managed dbus, you will quickly find
how to do the signal handling. Provided gnome-screensaver or whatever supports
this, it's quite easy to do.


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