Re: [Banshee-List] Cover art

On 20/12/06, Andrew Conkling <andrew conkling gmail com> wrote:
On 12/20/06, Mark Robinson <markcrobinson gmail com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm having an issue with cover art.  Not very many of my albums actually
> seem to have it, and of the few that do, some of them have distinctly
> different pictures than I would expect (foreign import etc).  I have set the
> metadata plugin to cover art only, and have tried rescan library.  Even more
> oddly, I ditched all music from the Banshee DB to do some cleaning up, and
> when I re-imported, some covers are now missing, and other albums have it
> when they didn't before!

Seriously, my opinion is that your best bet would be to tag your music
with MusicBrainz when possible, and if not, save the local files. IIRC
you can save the files as cover.[jpg,png,etc] in the same directory
and they will be picked up; hopefully someone else can confirm that.
But MusicBrainz takes care of mine. :)

What tagger prog do you use? 
I've been using easytag which uses freedb.  I have found lots of dups there I have to say, but I have still had better results than with banshee itself.
Banshee does ok when importing the music from cd, but if I import mp3s the metadata plugin it does all sorts of weird stuff with track an album names :-(
I'm using ripperX to get high quality VBR mp3's.

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