Re: [Banshee-List] Question About Getting Ratings and Playlists off of iPod

that will erase them.  I'm not sure about CVS, but the testing I've
done ipod ratings, playlists and podcasts aren't supported.

gtkpod is a better solution if you need those features. gpixpod for photo's.

On 12/16/06, Cody Zimmer <cody psyber com> wrote:
Hi there, This is my first post so please be nice.

I just installed ubuntu mint and banshee on my girlfriend's laptop after
windows crashed, and I imported her ipod into banshee's library.
However, none of the ratings or playlists went over.  How can I get
these into banshee?  Would they transfer to banshee if I synced it with
the ipod, or would that just erase them?

Thanks for your help!
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