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I don't really know what is involved in a release process.  That's too bad you had a lose a whole nights sleep over it though.  I'm willing to learn what is involved to see if there is something I can contribute.  I have no problem jumping in on the conference call if you have the room.  I have only contributed a little bit and I still don't know much about the open source process and linux development (i'm a windows developer.)


On 12/13/06, Aaron Bockover <abockover novell com> wrote:
Hello Banshee contributors!

I would like to start holding monthly contributor conference calls. The
call would be open to a handful of active developers and contributors.

I'm looking for people who would like to also get involved with the
release process. Things like writing release notes, updating the Wiki
and the entry on each release, etc.

I realized that for the 0.11.3 release, I spent almost 10 hours getting
it ready and actually releasing it. That alone is a very demotivating
factor to make frequent releases, and I simply can't devote an entire
day (or in the 0.11.3 case, an entire night of lost sleep) to making all
the puzzle pieces fall into place for a release when we are lucky to
have the community we currently have.

The release process would be the first major thing I'd like to discuss
on the call, and while I haven't settled on a final date yet (as I'm
looking for schedule input from our largest contributors), I would like
to have it sometime next week.

Due to limited conferencing resources and in the name of productivity,
the call would only be open to a handful of contributors (5-10, but 10
is probably pushing it). i.e. participants would need to be active and
not just sit and listen. We'll post minutes to this list after the call.

The conferencing resources will be provided by Novell.

Looking forward to input and getting this rolling!


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