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I replied earlier with the attachments, but it seems evolution won't
send a message that is larger than 2k.

Here are the patches. 
>>> Aaron Bockover <abockover novell com> 08/22/05 11:11 am >>> 

> This is in for BETA3. Attached are the current patches. One is just
> basic, don't return random data fix.

I didn't see any attachments to this message... I take it the random
data fix was in libipoddevice? I added only one function to
libipoddevice, and it returns a boolean... I guess I need to see the

> The banshee.exe.config.in needed a major overhall so that banshee
> run, and find all the libraries it needs. The patch also makes it
> on x86_64, which isn't i guess too important, since it looks like we
> will ship just the 32- bit version.

I'd like to see this too... I thought I had fixed all the mappings to
the .so.<VERSION> format.

> I had to add mappings for libdbus- 1 and libhal. 

Hrm... needed for dbus- sharp/hal- sharp? I wouldn't think they'd be
needed for libipoddevice.

> The libipoddevice mapping points to libipoddevice.so.0.0.0 it should
point to
> libipoddevice.so.0, but we need to fix the build in libipoddevice to
> actually create that symlink first.

Looking in /usr/lib, where I have libipoddevice installed...


>From source, of course... but I'd think the .so.0 and the .so.0.0.0
would be in the package?

> The packaging is split as you requested:
> 	banshee
> 	banshee- devel
> 	banshee- engine- gst
> 	baanshee- engine- helix
> Submount and helix are enabled.

Very cool... thanks a lot Gary!

-- Aaron

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