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Hi Jack!

Am 08.05.22 15:03 schrieb(en) JohnJackDoe tele2 de:
I checked with my colleague again the problematic message in question. The issue is as follows: The message 
is a plain text message (outlook) with an outlook attachment. The attachment is HTML only. Balsa does 
unfortunately not mark clearly real attachments. If an email is consisting a plain text part and the same 
part in HTML (outlook settings are prefer plain text and add HTML) I have two attachments - plain text and 
HTML. In case that an HTML attachment is added I have two HTML attachments with a different numbering. So you 
have to know which numbering belongs to what. IMHO this a general problem in Balsa with how attachments are 

I tested with a message, created by Outlook, which is a multipart/alternative (plain and html), plus a html 
attachment, see the attached “Message parts” screenshot.  This one is printed properly…  Can you share a 
screenshot of the message where Balsa fails?  Thanks in advance!

Debian is always slow with providing updated packages for the current Debian version for Balsa.

I know…  Peter is trying to improve my solution, and I added a few other improvements recently (see issue 
#77).  I hope we can merge them in soon, and maybe create a new release – which typically means that Debian 
will pick it up for Bookworm only.  But I can build a deb package (for amd64, and also for i386, if you have 
an old box) for testing next weekend maybe, if you trust my binaries…


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