Re: Fwd: Re: printing problem (no remote images)

Hi Jack,

sorry, it took a little longer to look into this issue due to a huge amount of real-life (for €) work…

I reworked the display of multipart/alternative messages, please see issue #75 
<> and the branch 75-html-display-printing.  It /should/ fix 
your printing issues, at least it works for a variety of messages in my mailbox:

- If a second “view” of the same message is opened, exactly the same selection of html or plain parts is 
- As long as at least one instance of a message is visible, Balsa remembers if external content referenced in 
HTML parts has been downloaded, i.e. when opening a 2nd view and the external content has been loaded, Balsa 
will /not/ ask, but just loads it from the cache.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to store this 
information permanently, or to query the Webkit cache, so when a message is re-opened after all views have 
been closed, Balsa will ask again.  No idea how I could fix this (easily).
- Printing a message prints exactly the selection of html or plain parts and external contents as in the view 
from which the print operation has been initiated.  No extra configuration for printing (3rd tab of the print 
dialogue) is required any more.

It would be great if you could give it a try, and share your impressions.

Thanks in advance,

Am 10.04.22 17:23 schrieb(en) JohnJackDoe tele2 de:
Hi Albrecht,

Recently I received an email containing a plain text part and a html part. The contents of both was 
different. So I couldn't read them as one email. Printing was not possible.

Best regards,
John Jack Doe

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