Re: Configuring multiple SMTP hosts

Hi Mike!

On 03/12/2022 05:15:43 PM Sat, Mike Witt via balsa-list wrote:

It seems to me like I used to be able to have multiple SMTP hosts and Balsa would choose the one that 
corresponded to the domain of the identity I'm sending the message with.

Now, for a while I was just using gmail as the SMTP host. Now I want to go back to sending through multiple 
SMTP hosts and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. No matter how I configure things, or what identity I 
use, it always sends it through gmail.

So maybe I'm remembering wrong and it doesn't pick the outgoing mail server based on the domain the the 
identity? Or maybe I'm doing something else wrong?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


You can set the SMTP server to be used for a given identity at the foot of the second page of the 
Edit:Preferences:Identities dialog. I don't recall that Balsa ever used the domain to pick a server, but it 
seems like a good idea!



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