Re: Using "Next unread message" not quite as expected

Hi, Peter!

On 04/08/2022 02:55:13 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Various improvements were made in a branch devoted to issue #72, including what I believe was a fix for the bug you reported. The branch was merged into master a couple of days ago. If you get an opportunity, could you test the fix? If you confirm that it solves the problem, we can close the issue.

I've just tried this out, and found that it works now: Clicking on "Next unread" in a window opened for an individual message will display the next unread mail from that mbox both in the current window and in the main window. That makes sense, especially as the window of the individual message keeps the focus.

Even better! I've clicked "Next unread" in the new window until all messages were marked as read and the button was inactive. Keeping that window open, I switched to the main window and marked some messages from the same mbox as unread. The "Next unread" button from the message window was activated immediately.

So, yes, I can confirm that the bug has been solved -- thank you very much! :-)


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