new annoying behavior

This has actually been happening to me for a while (no, I don't really remember when it started) but it's finally annoying enough to ask about it.

I hit "Check" and most of my mail sources get checked quickly. However, one of them has invalid credentials, so it sit's there waiting until it times out after about 30 seconds. Nothing unexpected there.

The problem is if I hit "Reply" on some message in the inbox, before that timeout. I start writing my reply, but as soon as the mailbox read times out, I get a popup with the error about not being able to connect to that mailbox, and the main window pops back to the forefront - and invariably my typing triggers several unwanted actions based on what shortcut keystrokes happen to be part of what I'm typing into my reply.

I wouldn't think there would be any reason to change any window positions or focus just because the "Check window" dialog finishes and goes away, but it looks like it's automatically (but is it intentional?) putting focus back on the main window.

Is this intentional? An unintended consequence of some other intentional action? Is there anything I can do other than pay more attention?

As always, thanks for any suggestions.


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