odd display behavior

Happy New Year to all.

I was just reviewing old mail in a bunch of MailDir folders all under a directory I use to track different sites in a project with which I am involved. In particular, one showed 0 unread but 20 total messages. Opening that folder, it showed no messages, and looking in the actual folder on disk, it also showed no messages. After lots of playing, I simply deleted the folder, but in Balsa and on the disk. I recreated the MailDir mailbox, and Balsa showed blanks (not explicit 0's) for number of messages. Once I actually put a message in the mailbox, and then deleted it, it correctly showed 0 total and unread messages.

Clearly a low priority, but I would think if there are no messages in either cur, new, or tmp subfolders of a MailDir folder, that would be taken and displayed as 0 messages, not just left blank.

Can anyone confirm, and should I open an issue?



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