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Hi Jack,

balsa saves the last seen total and unread counts in src/save-restore.c:config_save_mailbox_view. It saves the last mod time too, to refresh the counts if needed. It seems that in your case, it has shown stale data read from config, instead of refreshing it correctly from the actual mailbox data. I admit I haven't verified the sequence of events that would lead to this behaviour.


On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 9:52 PM Jack via balsa-list <balsa-list gnome org> wrote:
Happy New Year to all.

I was just reviewing old mail in a bunch of MailDir folders all under a 
directory  I use to track different sites in a project with which I am 
involved.  In particular, one showed 0 unread but 20 total messages.   
Opening that folder, it showed no messages, and looking in the actual 
folder on disk, it also showed no messages.  After lots of playing, I 
simply deleted the folder, but in Balsa and on the disk.  I recreated 
the MailDir mailbox, and Balsa showed blanks (not explicit 0's) for 
number of messages.  Once I actually put a message in the mailbox, and 
then deleted it, it correctly showed 0 total and unread messages.

Clearly a low priority, but I would think if there are no messages in 
either cur, new, or tmp subfolders of a MailDir folder, that would be 
taken and displayed as 0 messages, not just left blank.

Can anyone confirm, and should I open an issue?


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