Re: “Discourse” as mailing list surrogate (Was: Gmail POP3 Issue)

Le 2021-01-03 à 09 h 07, Albrecht Dreß a écrit :
Am 02.01.21 17:16 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
PS This mailing list will likely be archived and closed in the near future[0], in favor of GNOME's Discourse instance, which is where discussion is being encouraged.

I found a note <> that Discourse could be used exclusively by email, instead of fighting with a crowded and confusing web interface which pollutes my box with cookies…  However, that description is somewhat unclear to me, so it would be *really* great if you would place an explanation somewhere how it can be used as a “real” Balsa mailing list replacement, i.e. *without* the need to ever log in on that web site.

Furthermore, that tool apparently always sends mixed mails with a HTML part – any idea how I can switch that off, i.e. to receive text-only messages?


Closing the mailing list is a really bad idea.


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