ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.6.3 released

Hi all,

I have the pleasure to announce balsa-2.6.3 release. This release contains a number of  bug fixes and improvements. See below for the highlights:
  • Improve Autocrypt-related error messages.
  • Improvements to communication with GnuPG key servers.
  • Create standard-compatible HTML messages.
  • Implement sender-dependent HTML message preferences.
  • Reuse HTTP connections when rendering HTML messages.
  • Do not send empty Reply-To, Cc, etc headers.
  • More robust IMAP parser and response handling.
  • Code cleanups, platform-dependent build fixes
  • Improved translations.

You can download this release using the link below:

$ sha256sum balsa-2.6.3.tar.xz
d4d04576c9a5026064f7d480b34531faf59543f2e4d57c48a6fa5c76661e1dd4  balsa-2.6.3.tar.xz

On behalf of the balsa team, I wish you happy and safe mailing!


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