Re: odd new problems

Hi Jack:

On 08/29/2019 12:16:03 PM Thu, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
Next issue, in settings, I have checked the box to expand threads on opening a mailbox, but threads are fully 
collapsed.  If I expand one, then close and reopen Balsa, it's closed again.  Is there some secret setting I 
don't know about, or is there something I can check for in some config file?

Thanks for saving my sanity.


I believe I found the cause of that issue: Balsa calls gtk_tree_view_expand_all() to respond to that option, 
but possibly before all the messages have been loaded and formed into threads. So we should wait until the 
threads have been constructed before calling it.

I just pushed a patch to the master branch at GitLab that makes the option work for me. If you get a chance 
to test it, let us know if it does the trick.



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