Re: odd new problems

On 2020.01.06 20:14, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Jack:

On 08/29/2019 12:16:03 PM Thu, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
Next issue, in settings, I have checked the box to expand threads on opening a mailbox, but threads are fully collapsed. If I expand one, then close and reopen Balsa, it's closed again. Is there some secret setting I don't know about, or is there something I can check for in some config file?

Thanks for saving my sanity.


I believe I found the cause of that issue: Balsa calls gtk_tree_view_expand_all() to respond to that option, but possibly before all the messages have been loaded and formed into threads. So we should wait until the threads have been constructed before calling it.

I just pushed a patch to the master branch at GitLab that makes the option work for me. If you get a chance to test it, let us know if it does the trick.
Bingo. That does seem to work, at least on initial test. I'll wait for it to stay consistent over another day or two and reconfirm.



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