Re: odd new problems

On 2019.12.29 15:45, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Jack,

On 12/29/2019 12:33:47 PM Sun, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
Happy Mew Year to all.

Thanks! And a Happy Mew Year to you, too!
oops - and I don't (currently) even have any cats!
Next issue, in settings, I have checked the box to expand threads on opening a mailbox, but threads are fully collapsed. If I expand one, then close and reopen Balsa, it's closed again. Is there some secret setting I don't know about, or is there something I can check for in some config file?

I haven't used that option in a while, so I tried setting it--and it seems to work properly. The message index is shown collapsed initially, but then expands in an idle handler. Sometimes that's almost instantaneous, but sometimes seems to take a few seconds; I guess it depends on where the idle call sits in the queue. I'm not sure how that could get blocked indefinitely; however, the whole expand-or-scroll-on-open business needs some TLC😁️

This is still the case, and I found an additional annoyance. If all threads are collapsed, I have a message near the bottom of the message list selected, and I hit Ctl-E to expand all threads, all of a sudden, I am up near the top of the message list. I suspect if I was on the N'th entry, I am now still on the N'th entry - but it had been only counting threads, and now it is counting all messages. Is there any reasonably easy way to have it scroll so the selected item/message is still in the middle of the displayed section?

I think I may have found the issues. The "expand threads on open" works for the Inbox on startup, and for any other mailbox you explicitly open. It seems NOT to work for mailboxes opened on startup because they were open on the previous exit. I don't know if the Inbox gets special treatment, but perhaps that setting is not applied to mailboxes opened and then not immediately displayed?

That too…

Thanks for saving my sanity.
Still the case.


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