Re: [Patch] move recheck crypto button to menu, toolbar

Hi Peter!

Am 28.02.20 02:54 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
 Ctrl-Alt-D, I guess. We already have a couple of three-key accels, so it's not a first.Ctrl-Y just seems 

Ummm, in xfce Ctrl-Alt-D is caught by the window manager as to minimise all windows (“show desktop”), so this 
is no solution.

What about Ctrl-Alt-C (including the “C” for Cryptography)?  Or even Ctrl-Shift-Something, but that would 
introduce an other modifier…

An other nice option would be F9, which is used by e.g. Libreoffice to recalculate a spreadsheet (and we 
actually perform a recalculation of the crypto contents), but that one is already occupied for hiding the 
mailbox tree.


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