Mangled signature

Dear List,

The list server sometimes delivers a signed e-mail with an invalid signature--I hate to see that red padlock!

By chance, I found a locally saved fcc-copy of such a message, and before removing it as a duplicate, I diffed it with the 
list-sent version. The text part was sent encoded as quoted-printable, and a line containing "main.c" was wrapped 
immediately before the ".c", which became the start of the next line. Somewhere along the way, that was interpreted as 
dot-stuffing, and the dot was removed.

The version in the archive [0] has "main.c", so the miscreant is somewhere in the process of getting the 
message back to me. Any thoughts about what could be doing it? And should the quoted-printable encoder be more 
defensive, and not wrap a dot to the start of a line?



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