Occasional threading related need

Hello everyone,

Not surprisingly, I'm on several mailing lists, and because of the variety of email software out there, I often get a reply to a previous message, which does not thread. The last few I've looked at turned out to be that way because the person replied to a digest. He did a great job of editing down to only what he was replying to - but obviously the References: and In-reply-to: headers referenced the digest email, not the actual message he was replying to.

In the past, I have actually manually edited the email file to insert appropriate References: and In-reply-to: headers, but that is obviously subject to error. Oddly, if I look at the list archives, all messages are correctly threaded.

Has anyone else noticed this, and are there any ideas on getting the threading "correct" in Balsa? I don't think Balsa is doing anything wrong, I think the proper headers are not present, although the mailing list (pipermail, in this case?) seems to recognize the "References:" header as the digest, and so perhaps just threads by Subject?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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