Re: HTML issues

I confirm I see that with current master - and balsa-2.5.8 as well :/

I did not spot it earlier because I had this old setting "Prefer text/plain over HTML" ...

I suppose 2.5.8 will be shortly superseded then.


On Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 8:14 PM Peter Bloomfield <Peterbloomfield bellsouth net> wrote:
Hi Albrecht and Jack:

On 10/10/2019 02:48:58 PM Thu, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Hi all,
> I noticed the following HTML issues with the latest git version of Balsa:
> (1) I usually display the text part of a message.  Switching to HTML, the HTML view is not expanded vertically until the mouse cursor leaves the Balsa window (or Balsa looses focus?).  See attached screen shot for an example…
> (2) The zoom hotkeys (Ctrl-+, etc.) and the context menu zoom commands don't work any more.
> Could this be related to Peter's recent mime widget changes (thanks for taking care of that, btw; sorry, due to personal reasons, I didn't have time myself…)?
> Cheers,
> Albrecht.

Ah, yes, (2) is *definitely* related to those changes! The HTML webview widget is now one level deeper in containers, so we need to look deeper to find it. I just pushed a patch to do just that, and it re-enables zooming.

I can't seem to reproduce (1), with or without the patch. Viewing an HTML message has been clumsy since webkit2, because of the nested scrolled windows, and maybe I just got used to scrolling like mad to see it.


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