ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.5.8 released

Hello everybody,

balsa-2.5.8 has been released.

Notable changes with respect to the 2.5.7 tag follow:

- i18n improvements.
- improved display of HTML messages.
- handling of calendar (vcal) attachments.
- LDAP address book improvements / error handling.
- message presentation refactoring.
- GPGME is a hard requirement now.
- misc bug fixes and code health updates.

You can download balsa-2.5.8 directly from

$ sha256sum
57ede0c1f81778a1a5941101dbaabf8cdc2b5168cbcd75323d4cf1ba53652ed2  balsa-2.5.8.tar.bz2

Enjoy mailing!

On behalf of the balsa team,


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