Re: Strange message list behaviour: row height, threading

Hi Jack:

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Am 27.02.19 19:24 schrieb(en) Jack via balsa-list:
I can confirm I've seen this behavior for a long time.  In my case, POP3, and either mbox or maildir (I 
mostly use the latter).  Unfortunately, I have no idea why or how to fix, but I'll be glad to test any ideas 
anyone else does come up with.  I'm currently using gtk 3.24.1, but I'm pretty sure it's been the case 
through several versions.  I have 3.24.4 and 3.24.5 available to test, in case anyone thinks it might matter. 
 I do use threading, but cannot say if that makes things better or worse.

An additional point – it seems to affect at least several themes.  And I couldn't observe it in other 
applications also using list or tree views (e.g. the xfce file manager, etc.).

On additional point - I use the preview pane, and sometimes, the last item in the message list is partly 
hidden below the divider between the list and the preview.  Scrolling the list up and down does not change 
this.  However, grabbing the divider and adjusting it (even by a miniscule amount) resets something, and the 
last message line shows correctly.

Another oddity is that sometimes (not often, and no consistent pattern I can detect) the message list has some message 
lines blank, or overlapped.  Using the up and down arrows to move between the messages always (correctly?) redraws the 
currently selected message line, but may go back to a "wrong" display - blank or partly overwritten by 

I can confirm I saw these, too, but a lot more rarely.

I assume all these issues are related, but that's pure guesswork, not based on anything concrete.

Yes, agree.  The point is: is there any (programmatic?) workaround?


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