Strange message list behaviour: row height, threading

Hi all,

since a while, I observe a strange behaviour of the message listing in Balsa regarding the displayed row 
height and the threading.

E.g. immediately after starting Balsa and loading the new messages from the POP3 server, the message listing looks 
as in <> (external, as the images are too big for 
the mailing list iirc; and, no, I *don't* track access to the web site!):

(1) In this case, all row heights are approximately double the usual size.  Sometimes, /some/ rows have the 
proper height, whereas others are higher.  The effect seems to be more likely if threading is enabled and/or 
in the mailbox is a maildir, but also happens for non-threaded and for mbox mailboxes (e.g. always for my 
Junk mailbox).
(2) All threads are closed.

Close the “PostgreSQL” mailbox tab, and immediately re-open it.  Now it looks as in 
- proper row heights (doesn't work every time, but usually) and
- the threads are opened.

In particular the broken row heights are really annoying.  Any idea what causes this effect, and how it could 
be fixed?  The gtk version is 3.22.30, if that matters.


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