Re: Strange message list behaviour: row height, threading

Hi Abrecht,

On 2019.02.28 14:52, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Am 27.02.19 19:24 schrieb(en) Jack via balsa-list:


I assume all these issues are related, but that's pure guesswork, not based on anything concrete.

Yes, agree.  The point is: is there any (programmatic?) workaround?

Hopefully I will have some time to dig into this a bit in the next weeks, but I suppose the next step would be to ask on a gtk mailing list/forum/IRC to see if it's a known issue at all. It's likely to be difficult to search for, as I can't think of any good search terms, although I have not yet tried very hard.

In terms of workaround, I hadn't thought about different themes, but if you found it also affected other themes, then that doesn't seem a likely pursuit. Not seeing the problem in other applications using the same libraries suggests that it might be something in how Balsa does use those libraries, but that's not very specific or useful. If we're luck, then browsing the code might suggest someplace to put some debugging output, although I'm not very hopeful, as I suspect whatever the cause, the problem doesn't actually manifest until somewhere deep withing gtk. I suppose I could recompile gtk itself with full debugging info available, run under a debugger, and try interrupting the program when I see the problem. A lot of setup, but my best approach for now.


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