[Bug+Fix] g_assert_not_reached() triggerd after running init wizard

Hi all,

when running Balsa for the first time, after successfully running the wizard, Balsa ejects with

ERROR:geometry-manager.c:63:geometry_manager_init: code should not be reached

Reason: When I wrote the geometry manager, I did not realise that config_global_load() may actually be called 
multiple times (from config_init()) when Balsa has not yet been configured.  Thus, the g_assert_not_reached() 
(which I inserted to detect multiple definitions of the same key) is plain wrong.

The attached patch fixes the issue.  Note that I use a single-entry-single-exit solution here which is 
usually be considered as safer as the function uses a lock which may easily be forgotten to unlock…  If you 
feel this is over-engineered, the g_assert_not_reached() could also just be replaced by 


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