Re: Please make Balsa more robust

On 2019.04.10 13:28, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi Helmut!

Am 10.04.19 13:56 schrieb(en) Helmut Jarausch via balsa-list:
sometimes I get emails which crash Balsa on my machine (Gentoo Linux / Balsa GIT).

Ouch – bad news! Are these crashes reproducible, i.e. is there any message which does *always* trigger the crash? Did you try to run balsa in gdb, and did the crash produce a usable backtrace (enter “bt full” in gdb)?

If you need some example emails I'd like to supply these - please tell where I should
upload these since they are too large to be appended here.

Samples which trigger the crashes would be extremely helpful!

Probably the easiest way: create a new mbox mailbox, copy some of the offending messages to it, and then gzip the file and send it to my private address. As I can test on Debian and Ubuntu only, maybe Peter is also interested in it?

*Please remember to remove sensitive private information from the mbox file before submitting it!*

Could you also include the configure command line, e.g by calling “head -10 /path/to/balsa/git/folder/config.log”?

Thanks in advance,
I remember having such crashes a long time ago. I'm pretty sure every message that cause a crash for me was horribly invalid HTML, and I have a vague memory of it being related to which HTML render engine was being used. Of course trying to get the sender (generally large organizations, either stores or non-profits) was an absolute waste of time. Note I'm also on Gentoo, but compiling from git head with meson/ninja. config.log appears to be left over from a very old build in the src dir, so it doesn't appear useful. I do have a config.h from the build dir, let me know if it would be useful as a comparison.


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