Re: PGP popups are b0rken on ssh tunnel usage.

On 2018.09.28 11:30, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Am 28.09.18 14:41 schrieb(en) Mario Mikočević:
- login on pc-A
- start X server
- start ssh from pc-A to pc-B with X11 tunneling
- start balsa on pc-B
- open *ANY* email with PGP signature
        -> balsa window frozen
        -> ssh window gets *text* *popup*

What exactly do do mean with “popup” - a real dialogue, of the desktop notification bubble?

As I don't have two machines, I cannot reproduce this scenario completely. However, I ran a VM, then logged into the host machine via ssh -X, and ran balsa (current git master). The window appears on the VM guest's X11, but the desktop notification bubble /still/ appears on the hosts' X11 screen.

I can only guess that in your case there is no X server running on PC-B, which “somehow” blocks the propagation of the notification. Peter recently migrated notifications to g_application_send_notification(), so my build may actually behave differently than yours, though.

All other popups work as expected (new email, filters, properties, etc ..)

The notification bubble about new messages /also/ appears on the wrong (host, not guest) X11 screen for me. There is nothing special about gpg notifications, btw. – they use that same primitives as *all* other Balsa notifications.

To me this looks as if the desktop notifications are broken when ssh tunneling is involved (but this may be a false positive as I'm using a vm). Anyone out there with more insight (or two boxes for testing)?

OK, I fixed by gpg configuration. I had an "=" instead of a " " (equal instead of space) for a line in dirmngr.conf. Now I see a difference between running locally and over X/ssh. Locally, I see a popup in the upper right of the screen with things like "Detected a good signature with insufficient validity/trust." When running over X/ssh I see no such message anywhere. No popups, not on the console. I think the "(balsa:3174): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: unable to send notifications through org.freedesktop.Notifications: Timeout was reached" might be a hint to what is missing. I suspect some configuration difference gives me just that warning, but Mario gets some type of disruptive notification.

Again - let me know what else I can test, or what config we can compare.


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