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Oh so close.  I don't know if the attachment will get through to the list.  It shows four fetches going on at the same time, which is a GREAT advantage for me, as some or many of them will just time out, due to Yahoo strangeness.  Unfortunately, I don't think this will work for me. The problem here is that I uses popfile (http://getpopfile.org) for my spam filtering.  In order to use it, all my mailboxes in Balsa are on localhost, with the actual connection information included in the listed user name.  I suspect that Popfile simply can't handle more than one connection at a time, so it overlaps it's responses, and doesn't cleanly close any of the connections.  Balsa just sat there for several minutes with the four connetions twiddling away - I finally just closed Balsa. I'll play a bit more, but I suspect that either I won't be able to use this, or I'll have to give up on using Popfile.  (That last option is not out of the question, as I do get relatively little spam, and some of my servers do their own spam filtering anyway, no matter how hard I work to turn it off.  I'll also check with the Popfile team, but there has been so little activity there in a long time, I don't think I'll get much traction looking for any changes.

Does anyone know of any other locally running, bayesian  spam filtering software?

On my distro (Mageia) there is (link to home page) :
(maybe others less easy to find)

I noted a comment on the popfile site that says it won't work with multiple connexions using SSL. Maybe the problem you ran into ?

I would strongly favour local filtering for spam, since in my case most server side spams detected were not (gmail, yahoo, laposte), and often actual spam was not detected. (I use laposte since it gives me very little spam, and I can't turn off spam detection on gmail.)

Gentoo has quite a large list of apps in their mail-filter category. I have started to go through them, but so far, the problem for me is that most of the are not suitable for my usage - a single user wanting to filter multiple pop3 feeds. When I have more time, I'll go through the list with a bit more care than I have bothered with so far. However, thanks for the suggestions.


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