Re: [Patch] Enable multi-threaded POP3 retrieval

On 2018.01.03 10:11, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi all,

attached is a larger patch which enables multi-threaded retrieval of POP3 messages. The biggest part of the patch is related to changes of the progress dialogue implementation, though. It also changes the preferences by replacing the old (retrieve) progress dialogue options by two simple check boxes for enabling the send and receive progress, respectively. As a side effect, we get rid of a bunch of global variables used for the POP3 progress communication between the main and retrieval threads which is a lot cleaner IMHO.

BTW, the patch removes the (now obsolete) file src/threads.h. I noticed that the file libbalsa/gforest.c is not referenced everywhere – couldn't we remove it?

As always, any comment is welcome!

Getting much closer, sort of. I finally uninstalled Popfile. It seems dead upstream. I cleaned up all my remote server settings. (Am I correct that I do not need to specify :ssl or port on the server name?) I've set all to TLS required. However, I'm getting long delays in checking for mail without this patch, and with it, I see similar delays, and the fetch dialog stays up for many minutes, until killed. Using G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all (with or without this patch) I do NOT see anything that looks like an error in the console output, but I do get some popups with apparent errors/timeouts/? which disappear before I can capture them. However, none of them seem to have anything concrete or useful. It's also not actually fetching mail from the one server I know has some (webmail).

I suspect these issues have nothing to do with the patch itself, but I can't find enough to actually use for troubleshooting. I might have to fire up wireshark and aim it at one of the servers at a time, although I suppose it won't help much for any encrypted packets.



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