Several minor issues

In the process of catching up after vacation, I've tripped over a number of issues with balsa (compiled from git head about two weeks ago). None are terribly serious, but all put some (hopefully) unnecessary bumps in the road.

1) If I do File/Print when viewing an HTML part, Balsa does not actually print the HTML. It seems to print the plain text version (if there is one) or what seems like a list of the MIME parts, where the HTML Message is just one part, and printed as a small icon with "Type: HTML document (text/html). If it can render the HTML to screen, how hard would it be to also print it? (This has actually bitten me a few times in the past when I printed to PDF, and only later realized the PDF didn't actually have the message.)

2) If I use the "Subject or Sender Contains:" filter at the top of the message list, and then do a "Mailbox/Expunge Deleted Messages" ALL deleted messages are expunged, not just the ones displayed with the filter. I suppose this isn't actually wrong, but it has surprised me more than once. I'd be tempted to open a (wishlist) issue, but I'm sure the opposite behavior would surprise other folks, and I'd hate to ask for yet another configuration checkbox to make is user choice. Any other thoughts?

3) For the past several weeks, I have been noticing an occasional, unpredictable hang/pause in Balsa when downloading messages. I'm guessing there is something in the processing of some subset of my messages that ties up a thread so badly, that nothing else happens for anywehere from a few seconds to over a minute. Even the "downloading messages" popup stops responding - the progress bars stop moving and I can't even move the popup window itself. I don't think it's happened with any mailboxes except my gmail one, but I get so few from the other ones, I can't be sure. (This is all POP3 fetching.) The CPU gets pegged at 100%, but the load is often not much over 1, depending on what else is running on the PC. I've tried running from command line, even with some of the debug options, but I have not yet noticed anything that seems consistently related. I'm looking for any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this better.

4) This is completely unrepeatable - but I've had a number of crashes recently, of course never when running from command line, although I keep trying. It usually happens when I either close a mailbox, or hit the "Expunge" button on the toolbar. On several of the occasions, I note that when I restart Balsa, only the Inbox is open, even though I had multiple mailboxes open prior to the crash. However, it is possible that they were all opened during the session that crashed, so if the list of open mailboxes is only saved on a clean exit, then that's no surprise.

5) Trying to do a git pull today, I got an error about not being able to reach I was able to just edit my .git/config file to use the URL copied from a new clone, per the instructions on the source page. While I do recall seeing something about the migration of the gnome sources, I do not recall instructions on needing to update existing repositories. Did I just manage to miss it, or was there some transient problem?

(I know I still need to test both the new threading options and Albert's patch for IMAP stuff - hopefully I can get to those soon.)


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