[Patch] Move single IMAP mailboxes to folders

Hi all,

attached is a patch which completely removes the somewhat confusing option of single IMAP folders from the 
configuration dialogue.

Existing IMAP mailboxes are automatically migrated to folders by simply interpreting their configuration as 
folders, and replacing the existing configuration.  It took me some time to figure out the latter, but at 
least for me it works perfectly.



Patch Details:
- libbalsa/mailbox.c: print paranoid warning if libbalsa_mailbox_new_from_config() is called for an IMAP 
- src/mailbox-conf.[ch]: remove obsolete mailbox_conf_add_imap_cb(), create_imap_mailbox_dialog() and 
dependent functions
- src/mailbox-node.[ch]: make sure BalsaMailboxNode::dir is properly initialised; remove obsolete 
- src/pref-manager.c: clean up menu
- src/save-restore.c: migrate IMAP mailboxes to IMAP folders

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