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Hi Peter,

Le 2018-08-19 à 19:02, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
At present there is no user interface to request full JWZ threading, although the code for it still exists. 
It doesn't belong on the 'View' menu. It should be a per-mailbox option, not global, so it doesn't belong in 
the 'Preferences' dialog. That leaves the mailbox 'Properties' dialog, so the next step is to add a check-box 
there. Threading is also a per-mailbox option, but not currently shown on the 'Properties' dialog, so perhaps 
we should add two check-boxes:

[ ] Thread messages
[ ] … by subject as well as by references

with the second grayed out if the first is not checked. Opinions?

Sounds great
... except maybe a little better if the second check box said
"by subject if no reference" ?
Or am I misunderstanding something ?

The branch now has the UI for choosing full JWZ threading, on the mailbox properties dialog. The language I chose for 
the second button is "_Merge threads with the same subject", which is pretty much what the code does, and 
should also be clear to the user.

Unlike the other mailbox properties, these check-boxes are "instant apply". I tried them first the other way, taking 
effect only when "Update" is clicked, and it just felt clunky.

All feedback welcome!


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