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On 08/05/2018 12:16:03 PM Sun, Jack via balsa-list wrote:
Just for info, I did get a response to my message to JWZ.  I'll forward it later, but I think he agrees that 
it should be reasonable to not try to thread messages which don't use the Response headers properly (or at 
all, actually).  Unfortunately, I think there are enough still used mail readers that do this (not using 
Response) as witnessed by many mailing list responses that lose threading in Pan, which I am assuming is 
threading without just using Subject:.

I still need to work through the JWZ algorithm in detail to see if there are other options, as he did point 
out this problem shows up in the fallback stuff when there are no References.

Personally, I'd like to have the 'View' menu just offer a check-box for 'Thread messages', instead of the 
current radio-buttons 'Flat', 'Simple', and 'JWZ'. The *only* reason for 'Simple', to my mind, is that it 
doesn't thread by subject, and I feel that that should be a preference item for threading; other than that, 
JWZ is just a vastly better algorithm. Jack has good reason for threading by subject, and I find it more 
often a nuisance, so that's personal, and should be a preference (possibly by folder--Ugh!). 'JWZ' is totally 
inscrutable to new users, and I feel it would be good to drop it from the UI.

Just my 2¢…


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