Odd spell check problem

Hello all,

I recently noticed that spell checking no longer seems to be working in balsa. Misspelled words are no longer underlined in red, which was the usual indication. I have selected gtkspell (3.0.7) in both the configure/make and meson/ninja builds, and both behave the same. ldd of the executable does show it linking to libgtkspell3-3.so.0. I was thinking of trying strace, but I don't really have any idea what I would be checking for.

Fortunately, before I simply posted this, I grepped for spell in the .balsa folder, and found "SpellCheckActive=false". Changing it to "true" turned spell checking back on. However, I have now looked through all config options within the program, and could not find anything relevant. Am I being blind, or has it disappeared (assuming it was actually present in the past)?

Thanks for any light through the current fog of my brain.


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