Solved: Odd spell check problem

Hello Peter,

On 2017.11.23 19:44, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Jack,

On 11/23/2017 07:13:09 PM Thu, Jack wrote:
Hello all,

I recently noticed that spell checking no longer seems to be working in balsa. Misspelled words are no longer underlined in red, which was the usual indication. I have selected gtkspell (3.0.7) in both the configure/make and meson/ninja builds, and both behave the same. ldd of the executable does show it linking to I was thinking of trying strace, but I don't really have any idea what I would be checking for.

Fortunately, before I simply posted this, I grepped for spell in the balsa folder, and found "SpellCheckActive=false". Changing it to "true" turned spell checking back on. However, I have now looked through all config options within the program, and could not find anything relevant. Am I being blind, or has it disappeared (assuming it was actually present in the past)?

When you configure either gspell or gtkspell, the "Spelling" toolbar button is a toggle button tied to the SpellCheckActive property. The Edit=>Check Spelling menu item has the same role.

With the internal spell-checker, those controls are just requests to pop up the spell-checker dialog, not toggle actions.

Yes - right in front of my face. It does make sense, but for some reason, I was expecting control of spell checking (since it does turn it on or off globally and not just for the message being composed) would be somewhere with the global configuration settings (preferences) and not on the compose message window.

I suppose I'll never figure out how it got turned off. I'll have to assume some stray mouse click.

Thanks for the quick answer.



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