Re: Transient SMTP errors

Hi Peter:

Am 27.05.17 18:48 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
With my AT&T/Yahoo server, I more often get errors like "connection lost", or "transient error" with something about 
"internal server error". As far as I know, these also require no action except resending,

This is at least what RFC 5321, Sect. 4.2.1. says...

BTW, now that everything runs in background, I think I should adjust the timeouts according to RFC 5321, 
Sect., which may also ease your issues.

but currently I first have to clear the flag.

The attached patch clears the flags with these two types of error. Does that look reasonable? Is there a 
better way to use the new error-handling code? All feedback welcome!

I think this is a *really* useful change!  I do not have these issues (my ISP is bad, but apparently not 
/that/ bad...), but the use case you describe makes sense.

The next step would now be an automatic re-send of the queue, as requested by user John Jack Doe, probably 
with an option to disable it if the user prefers to control it manually.


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